Nicole M. Kindig

Hello, my name is Nicole Kindig and I am 35 years of age with 22q deletion syndrome. My parents found out when I was three years old that I had 22q. I have speech impediment and learning disability. I am a housekeeper at Holiday Inn and a college student at Southeastern Community College as a Medical Assistant. School is very difficult for me. I am horrible at math and I also have problems with reading comphrension. I am not ashamed to share my story because it's a part of who I am. I'm trying to spread the word of 22q because not a lot of people know what it is and I want to be an inspiration to others and give them hope. There is so much I want to do for 22q and want to become the person that people with 22q or maybe even with other syndromes come to me as a role model. It feels so good to be able to help others in life to get through there struggle and give them advice as much as possible as I can. I may not have all the answers as I only do have speech impediment and learning disability, but I try my best to be an inspiration because we all have feelings and want to have those friends who are like us. 

Spend time with my son, Family & Friends, Hiking, Write, Photography, Coloring, Music, Movies. Being outside, The River, Dancing, Being an Inspiration & role model to others.

Liars, Fakes, Being disrespected,  

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