Influenza A

My son and I both have Influenza A. My symptoms started on Monday morning with a sore throat and coughing. Then on Tuesday the coughing was getting a little worse and i was freezing. I ended up going to quick care here in my hometown to get checked out before it got worse. They tested me for Influenza A. I cant go back to work until Monday. 

My son symptoms started Tuesday night with a sore throat, coughing and chills. We was up on and off most of the night on Tuesday. He had a few breathing treatments that night as well because of his coughing. My son also has asthma as well. Today took him to quick care as well and he was also tested for Influenza A. His is more worse then mine becsuse he has been throwing up a little. He gets hot so easily when hes sick.

We are both on tampaflu medicine. I have the pill and he has the liquid kind. The liquid taste so gross. He needs to learn to swallow a pill.

I just want to be back to normal again so we can be back to our regular schedule.. Hoping to feel better soon.  

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