Update on life!


It has been a while since I’ve posted about my son and I because  I’ve been so busy with kife. I’m working about 40hrs a week snd being a single mom. I work at Culvers now for the second time. I’m doing so much better this time then the first time I worke there. I’m more mature and grown up now that I’m not so much afraid. The first time I worked at Culvers I only cleaned the lobby, set and ran the food. I didnt do no drive through or register at all because I was scared since I have my disability. With my learning disability I was afraid of the register and everything. I barely even talked the first time until someone opened me up. This second time being at Culvers I’m more open, on register more snd counting money back and I’m even on drive through as well. I’m so very proud of myself for coming this far with who I am. I’m so thankful for my team for encouraging me to get up there and to do more because they believe in me. I believe in myself more and have so much more confidence in myself too.. Now i won’t do headset though becsuse of my speech. I’m so afraid I’m gonna get made fun of and I have a hard time keeping up when they go so fast. I think I’m soing pretty well though.. I have learnt so much since i been at this job and im so proud of myself. 😍🙌

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